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The Dragon Whistler
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Puddlejumpers by Mark Jean and Christopher C. Carlson

I always think it's interesting when I see a book written by two people. I wonder how they actually do that -- I guess I'm just such a solitary writer that I can't imagine divvying up the chapters or however it works. But regardless, these two make a good team because they created such an original page-turner I couldn't put it down.

Puddlejumpers begins with a tragedy that only becomes more heartbreaking. Little Shawn's mother dies in childbirth. While he is still a baby, Shawn is taken from his doting father by little creatures called Puddlejumpers. Apparently Shawn is their Rainmaker and he has a destiny to fulfill. 

A turn of events lands Shawn in the hands of a kindly truck driver who delivers him to the steps of an orphanage that Shawn calls home for years. Fate returns Shawn, now called Ernie Banks, back home and into the waiting arms of adventure. With nasty Troggs trying to get rid of him, adorable and kind creatures trying to keep him safe, and a world beyond what we can see, Puddlejumpers is a wonderful fantasy adventure. The characters are well-developed and the heartfelt story is wall to wall with pulse-pounding excitement. Fans of Spiderwick Chronicles will love this book -- as did I. 

4 and a half bookmarks, no doubt!


sami said...

this book is incredible!!!! i love it. im only up to the part in the battle of the troggs but this is incredible!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly J. Smith said...

Totally agree. Let me know what you think when you're all finished, too! Thanks for visiting Cool Kids Read!

Anonymous said...

i love that book, too! i haven't read it in a long time but i remember it was good and plan on re-reading it!