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The Dragon Whistler
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Looking Forward to: Lucky Breaks by Susan Patron

It upset some people when Susan Patron's book The Higher Power of Lucky won the Newbery. Yes, it had a word that might offend conservative parents, and yes, Lucky loses her mother in a horrific way, and is pawned off on a French babysitter, and yes, Lucky eavesdrops on the Hard Pan (population 42) AA meetings... but this book had such an amazing warmth and tenderness in dealing with all these harsh things that you couldn't help but love it. At least, I couldn't.

Susan Patron's follow up, Lucky Breaks, is due out in March, and the Publisher's Weekly review is up. (Scroll down to the fiction section.)
Back with Lucky are Miles and Lincoln, and a new possible best girl friend, Paloma -- who shows up in the tiny California desert town with a group of geologists. Not a stellar review, but something to put on your "for future" list if you liked the original.

You can also view a video about Susan Patron here where she talks about The Higher Power of Lucky.

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