The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
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The Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

I am a big fan of this trilogy, and felt that The Wizard Heir was a fantastic continuation of the original story CWC introduced us to in The Warrior Heir. The Dragon Heir tells the tale of how the two episodes merge and wraps things up nicely.

In this world, magical people are born with a weir stone near their hearts, and this stone indicates which magical guild you belong to -- guilds that were created centuries ago when the magic was first given to the humans as a gift from a dragon.

Jack, the warrior heir, and Seph, the wizard heir, are now leading a team of wizards and ana-weir, hoping to defeat the Roses for good. Madison Moss, introduced in book 2, plays a bigger part in this story, as does Seph's friend Jason.

I was disappointed that the characters of Leander Hastings and Linda Downey aren't featured more prominently, as I enjoyed them in book 2. That said, I think CWC did a wonderful job of rounding out the story and rolling it along to an explosive conclusion.

This series is solid YA, appropriate for an older tween or, for the more sensitive, teen reader as the story features a war, and many battles and bloodshed. The underlying story of good versus evil is well done. You could say that CWC has created a more mature, intense wizarding world that Harry Potter fans can graduate to in their middle and high school years.

I was sad to see this series end, but now we have CWC's new series to look forward to: The Demon King, out later this year.

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