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The Dragon Whistler
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Audio Book Withdrawl

Okay, I'm in trouble. The CD player in my car is out (which somehow coincided with getting my brakes fixed, what's with that???) so I am without CD for a couple of weeks... well, it actually works it's just that when it's on and I go over a bump in the road, my entire electrical system shuts down and that makes it very difficult to steer.

So ANYWAY, because of this I'm forced to listen to THE RADIO (gasp) which I rarely do because I spend an hour a day commuting and this is when I get most of my "reading" done.

While this has been a great chance to catch up on current events on NPR and with Kidd Kraddick (I have to admit, I DO love that radio show), I'm even slower than usual at getting through my reading list.

This is all a very round about way of pleading for guest bloggers. Have you read a YA or middle grade book this summer that you want to share? Write up a recommendation (think of it as book report practice on a book you enjoyed reading!) and email it to I'll let you know if it's going to be posted, and I might even be able to connect you with the author for an interview... no promises, but I'll try.

I also re-post my reviews and interviews to my blog on Dallas Morning News NeighborsGo, and they often pick them up and put them in the printed version, so who knows, you could see yourself in print as well!

So answer my plea for help, won't you? It could be the beginning of your own blogging career!


jon m. said...

Ew, sorry about your car. That's a bummer.
I am in the middle of Simon Bloom: The Octopus Effect right now, so once I am done, I will be more than happy to do a review.

Kimberly J. Smith said...

Fan-tastic! Look forward to reading it (and Octopus Effect too ;)