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The Dragon Whistler
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Colonel Trash Truck by Kathleen Crawley (illustrated by Manuel Conde)

Teaching children the importance of keeping a clean and green planet Earth, Colonel Trash Truck (2009, Big Tent Books) is a rhyming picture book that will appeal to the pre-school set.

Adults might notice the slight resemblance to Hogan's Heroes Colonel Klink (complete with monocle) but this Colonel is bent on making the world a better place.

Some of Crawley's rhymes feel forced, but kids will enjoy it when she eventually sinks to the gutter (so to speak) to talk about "doo doo" and nose-picking. This trash truck wants kids to keep their personal world clean as well -- although he doesn't tell them to throw away their tissues after using them, something MY kids could use a reminder about, frankly.

Conde's illustrations are bright and simple, and the Colonel's smiling face is friendly and appealing.

All in all, the book's aim to teach kids to be more green is one to be commended. Worth checking out to introduce your truck-loving pre-schooler to concepts of recycling and waste management. 3 bookmarks.

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