The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
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What does it mean to be Global? by Rana DiOrio with illustrations by Chris Hill

Toddlers hear the adults around them use the words "green", "recycle" and "global", and if questions have come up around your house about these ideas, turn to Little Pickle Press to help make these big concepts more accessible to young ones. Specifically, What Does It Mean To Be Global?, written by Rana DiOrio, gives parents a springboard for discussing what it means to think "outside the neighborhood."

DiOrio doesn't try to hide the fact that she's written a teaching book, but makes sure to serve up that initial question complete with silly answers that will immediately engage young readers. With light-hearted illustrations by Chris Hill, "Global" encourages children to not only explore the world's various cultures, religions, languages, and traditions but to be respectful of them and hold them in as high regard as they would their own.

Practicing what they preach, Little Pickle Press not only prints on recycled paper with soy inks, and ships green (selling direct), but they also donate 10% of all book purchases to "non-profit partners dedicated to helping children in great need". What Does it Mean to be Global benefits Starlight Children's Foundation (

Other titles including What Does it Mean to be Green? and What Does it Meant to be Present? Learn more about Little Pickle Press (and watch a cute video of "Global") here.

With the holidays coming up, I always encourage the giving of books, and these titles would make wonderful gifts -- and have the look and feel of a much bigger press. I was very impressed with these books and the publishing company in general. 4 bookmarks -- check them out.

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