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The Dragon Whistler
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Book donation resources around Brooklyn, New York?

Last week I received the following email:
I have an 11 year old son who loves to read more then anything. He can read 5 to 10 books in a week.

He is home schooled due to a disability. He has a trachea and a feeding tube. He is very suseptable to infections and is not able to attend public school at this time.

He is not able to use the school library due to liability issues and our local libray is small and we are not able to utalize it due to too many doctor appointments for both of us.

I was wondering if there might be any resources that you can provide me that I can tap into so I can get some books for my son to read during the summer months where he will most times be home due to hot and humidity that he is not able to venture out.

I'm hoping a Cool Kids reader may be able to help me get more books into her sons hands.

Is there a resource near Brooklyn that has either donation or borrowing services for children's books? Maybe some sort of "leave a book take a book" kind of thing where books can get recycled and read? I'd love to hear some ideas.

If there are any authors out there who'd like to contribute their own books, please contact me and I'll get the mailing address to you.


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