The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
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Scumble by Ingrid Law

Fans of Ingrid Law's Savvy (of which I am one) will enjoy Scumble (Dial, 2010), a companion book and sort-of sequel. It takes place years after Savvy, but follows the coming-of-age of another member of the Savvy "family", 13-year-old Ledger Kale.

With a savvy mother whose words are quite persuasive, and a father who is hoping Ledger's savvy turns him into a competitive runner, Ledge is horrified to learn that his savvy seems to be much less exciting than anticipated. Well, exciting it is, just not in a positive way.

Ledge's savvy is so powerful, things fall to pieces all around him, something he discovers as the family travels to Uncle Autry's farm in Wyoming. Ledge must learn to control, or scumble, his savvy with the help of Mib's big brother Rocket (who has been living on Autry's farm ever since the end of book one, for the same reason), their cousins and Ledge's little sister. At first, this might not be as difficult as Ledge thought, until he meets Sarah Jane Cabot, a girl with a thirst for tabloid news and a nose for the curious --  something there's quite a bit of on Autry's farm.

But when Sarah Jane's father starts foreclosing on properties all over town, and it looks like the farm is next, Ledge realizes sometimes things have to fall apart before they can come together in the right way ... and scumbling his savvy might be the key to saving the family farm.

Written for middle grade readers, (8 and up) Law's books are fantastical, warm and moving -- with an originality that sets her apart and certainly makes her one of my favorite authors.

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Anonymous said...

i loved savvy and can't wait to read scumble!