The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
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Dear Cinderella by Marian Moore and Mary Jane Kensington (ill. by Julie Olson)

Entwining fairy tales (and fracturing them) is quite in vogue again (see ABC's delicious guilty pleasure Once Upon a Time and Wendy Mass's upcoming take on Beauty and the Beast and don't even get me started on Snow White and the Huntsman).  Orchard Books (an imprint of Scholastic) was nice enough to share with me their upcoming picture book, which entwines two princesses in one step-mother filled tale.

Told through letters written by Snow White and Cinderella to each other, Dear Cinderella follows the traditional stories with a cute twist on the happily ever after part.

Julie Olson's colorful and friendly illustrations are definitely kinder-friendly will help young readers make familiar connections in the two stories. Moore and Kensington keep the text simple and approachable, and the letter-writing is a great way to help children understand point of view.

Written for ages 3 to 7, Dear Cinderella will appeal to any child who is head-over-glass slippers for tiaras and taffeta. Look for it this February.

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