The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
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Dear Dumb Diary: Year 2 by Jim Benton GUEST REVIEW

DEAR DUMB DIARY, YEAR TWO (School. Hasn't this gone on long enough?) by Jim Benton

Guest reviewer: Faith, 4th grader

This book is about a girl named Jamie Kelly and how she goes through life as a young middle school kid. The subject on this book is that she tries hard to win the "definition contest" that her class is having. She thinks of words that she can use and turns them in.

For example: words like — Marplot, prat, zeppelin, and swindle. Her best friend, Isabella, asks Jamie for help using words so Jamie helps her. When the Definition Contest day comes, Jamie is all psyched but when so far as she gets all the definitions right, she flunks and gets all but only 1 wrong.

Find out what happens next in: Dear Dumb Diary, Year 2: School, hasn't this gone on long enough? by Jim Benton. Hope you enjoy!

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