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The Dragon Whistler
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The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall

I am a huge Penderwick fan. While I didn't grow up with a host of sisters, my mother did and I tend to imagine her in the Rosalind role. Jeanne Birdsall tells her stories with the voice of a bygone era as well, reminiscent of some of my childhood favorites like ALL OF A KIND FAMILY and books of my mother's generation like BETSY, TACEY AND TIB.

I adored the first two books, THE PENDERWICKS and THE PENDERWICKS ON GARDAM STREET, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with this third books about the Penderwick sisters and their dear friend Jeffery.

Susan Denaker reads the audio book version of THE PENDERWICKS AT POINT MOUETTE (Knopf, 2011) with tender care, bringing each of the characters to life with a subtle energy and attitude. In this third book, the younger sisters and best friend Jeffrey take a summer trip to Maine with their Aunt Claire while OAP (oldest available Penderwick) Rosalind heads off to the Jersey Shore with her best friend while their newly married father wings away to England for a honeymoon with his new wife and baby Ben.

Staying a the quaint little Maine cottage, appropriately called Birches, on the rocky Maine coast, the kids spend their days exploring the Pine Woods, spying on moose, practicing soccer on the beach and making new friends -- from the interesting and musical neighbor Alec to the brother and sister staying in the Point Mouette Inn.

Skye is not thrilled about spending two months as the OAP, and excessively overcompensates for her fears that something might happen to one of her little sisters on her watch. Jane is her typical romantic and dramatic self, researching love for the latest Sabrina Starr novel she's writing and finding out firsthand how confusing relationships can be. With Jeffrey's help, Batty discovers hidden talents and other secrets are revealed that will change one of their lives forever.

For boys and girls age 8 to 10, this series is fantastic. The characters are authentic and interesting, ones you find yourself missing as soon as the final page is turned.

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Rebecca said...

I have not read any of these and will have to check them out! Nice review. :)