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The Dragon Whistler
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The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

If you haven't heard about the new YA sci-fi thriller from Rick Yancey (author of THE MONSTRUMOLOGIST series, among others) you soon will. There is no doubt.

Because this book is like an awesome mash up of HUNGER GAMES, Revolution, and Falling Skies. A kick-butt, sarcastic female lead, fighting to save her adorable little brother in the aftermath of an alien invasion of Earth. Seems so simple. Even the concept of various "waves" of take over are not incredibly new (from the first -- the EMP that shuts down all the lights to the floods, plague and infestation that follow). But these are just the bones of the story that Yancey's characters climb, building tension as they go until the pages turn so fast your eyeballs can't even keep up.

It reads like an action movie, so it's not surprising to note that it's already optioned for production even before its official release date.

Like HUNGER GAMES, it's gruesome, horrific and romantic in a "the world is ending so what better time to fall in love" sort of way. The hero, Callie, is one tough cookie, with mad karate skills and a tongue just as sharp. Her mother died in the plague, and keeping the rest of her family together is not promising. After being separated from her little brother, she realizes any trust she has for the surviving army base down the road might be misplaced. Somehow, she's going to get her brother back, but she has to survive the 4th wave (the Silencers) to do it.

With tightly crafted characters and a screeching plot told from multiple viewpoints, Yancey takes us on a ride through an apocalyptic wasteland that somehow seems different from every other wasteland trotted out these days. He gives us peeks into the other side, and like with a few other more adult post-apocalyptic tales, the true horror may just be ourselves. Or maybe not.

Highly buzzed, extremely anticipated, The 5TH WAVE completely lives up to expectations (and then some). If you like a good sci-fi battle-for-Earth story, I can't think of a better way to kick off your summer reading.


Anita said...

You've sold me on this one! With 3 teens in my house, I'll have to look this one up on my next visit to the book store.

Jen said...

Just finished it, and LOVED it. Awesome review!! :)