The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
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Scorched by Mari Mancusi

In a refreshing twist on the dystopian setting, Mari Mancusi (author of THE BLOOD COVEN series) gives us SCORCHED (SOURCEBOOKS, Sept 2013) -- a pre-apocalyptic story where time travelers from the future come back to the present to prevent the events destined to lead to Earth's draconian devastation.

Adult readers will pick up on Mancusi's nod to the Terminator series but younger readers may not be familiar, not that it matters because DRAGONS!

16 year old Trinity Foxx lost her mother two years ago, to mental illness and then suicide. Living with her eccentric grandfather, Trin's heard some strange things about all the treasures he collects. But when he claims he's found a dragon egg, she thinks he's finally lost it.

When Trinity senses a strange calling from the egg, and two strange but cute boys turn up on her doorstep -- twins, none the less -- things start spinning out of control. One twin wants to kill her, one wants to save her, and, oh yea, that dragon egg? Uh huh, it's real. Turns out Trinity is Fire Kissed and, once the dragon hatches, it will bond with her. The question is, will this be the beginning of the end for Earth or can Trinity change the future while saving her dragon in the process?

SCORCHED reads like a movie, with enough plot twists and romance to hook teen readers (hello? A love triangle with twin boys?) TBH, I did struggle a bit with the twins' names (Caleb and Connor), sometimes forgetting which was which as far as their loyalties -- both names beginning with a C may have been the problem, but it wasn't enough to spoil the read at all. The only other negative is that the next book in the series, SHATTERED, isn't out for 10 months (September, 2014).

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