The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
Now available in paperback.


Attack! Boss! Cheat Code! by Chris Barton and Joey Spiotto

I don't often post about picture books, but this one just warmed my little nerdy heart so much I had no choice.

Attack! Boss! Cheat code! (A Gamer's Alphabet) -- published by POW -- is an A, B, C book of words any kid who can't stand to part with his Nintendo controller can appreciate.

I'm a Chris Barton fan (Shark vs. Train is a big fave in our house). Joey Spiotto puts his game industry experience to good use capturing various video game styles in his illustrations. From Attack to Zerg, Barton and Spiotto have created a fun alphabet adventure that even impressed my resident tween gamer.

Pick one up for the little gamer in your house. It's the perfect book for when game time is done for the day.

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