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The Dragon Whistler
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ANOTHER DAY by David Levithan

In 2012, David Levithan gave us EVERY DAY, the story of A who wakes each day in a new body. A tries hard to keep from disturbing the lives he briefly inhabits, but when he meets Rhiannon—a kind, teenage girl caught in a not-so kind relationship—A can’t just let her go. Now readers can experience their extraordinary love story through Rhiannon’s eyes in ANOTHER DAY, what the author calls the first novel’s “twin.”

Revisiting the original story from Rhiannon’s perspective expands the tale, fills in the blanks on her encounters with A as well as the backstory of her relationship with nasty boyfriend Justin. Although we are removed from A (to be honest, I missed being in his head), we get to feel what it’s like for Rhiannon to struggle with the unusualness of A’s situation, as well as understand more deeply how and why she feels such a special connection.

The beauty of these twin books is that either can be read first, with the other becoming a return portal into the story. Even though you know where the path is headed the second time around, the detours provide enough new information and details to make it just as intriguing a read. Had I read EVERY DAY more recently, I may have felt differently, but returning to this story after some time away was like re-reading a favorite book—something I adore.

All that said, I would really really really (yes, really) like to see a true sequel that reveals what happens next. Given what other fans have posted online, I’m not the only one.

School Library Journal pegs it appropriate for grade 10 and up.

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