The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
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Create your own book trailer contest!

I know lots of kids are putting book trailers together for some of their favorite books. I'd love to see them! In fact, I'd love to see them so much I'm having a contest.

Please, do this.

Then, send me a link to your book trailer (it has to be hosted somewhere online like You Tube or something). I'll post all the book trailers (as long as they don't have any obscenities or anything) and everyone can vote on them. The trailer that gets the most positive comments wins a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card.

There are two ways to enter. Either leave me a comment on this post or email me at DO NOT GIVE ME ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. Just an email address of how to contact you. If you're the winner then I'll email you to let you know.

Deadline is Sunday March 8th. I look forward to seeing how creative you all are!!


Anonymous said...

hi im a 4th grader i have my on blog autism throught a sisters eyes i love this idea but dont no how but agin cool idea and check out my blog

Kimberly J. Smith said...

Hi Alison! I'd love to read your blog... can you post the URL? I'll be sure to check it out!