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The Dragon Whistler
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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I have a thing for post-apocalyptic thrillers. Always have. So I knew I was going to like The Hunger Games (Scholastic Press, 2008) by Suzanne Collins (author of the Gregor the Overlander series) just from the concept alone. But I didn't like it. I LOVED IT.

It's most definitely for teens, due to the subject. In this futuristic world, the Capitol keeps control of the Districts by requiring two of their children compete in the annual competition called The Hunger Games. It's basically a sadistic reality show, broadcast across the country. It's a fight to the death, and the last teen left standing wins. And gets to live.

Katriss is from the poorest part of District 12 called The Seam. When her beloved little sister Prim is chosen to participate in The Hunger Games during the reaping (shades of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson) Katriss volunteers to go in her place because she knows, the odds of winning The Hunger Games are slim. Such begins Katriss' life as a tribute, where she knows that her only way to survive is to kill all the other tributes from all the other Districts. Including the other tribute from her own.

I devoured this book, what a page turner! I can't even tell you anymore about the plot because it would ruin it. Collins paints such a vivid picture of what it would be like to be thrown into a survivalist situation, out in the middle of the woods, knowing you are being hunted... 

The second book in the series, Catching Fire, comes out in September.
A rarely given 5 bookmarks for this one. Sails right to the top of my all-time-favorites list.

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