The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
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Libba Bray sings Prince in a cow suit. (Would I joke about something like that?)

Fans of Libba Bray (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, The Sweet Far Thing) have been anxiously awaiting her next book which is mere weeks away from hitting the shelves.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Publishers Weekly red-starred Going Bovine (Delacorte Books for Young Readers, 2009), the ever-hilarious Ms. Bray has taken cow videos to the next level. I laughed, I cried, I stood up and mooed... It was MUCH better than CATS.

Enjoy "Between the Covers" starring Libba Bray. And look for an upcoming review of Going Bovine. I can't WAIT to read it.


Frank Cole said...

That is brilliant! Even when I'm peeing... I'm creating. Sheer brilliance.

Jennifer said...

Holy cow, that is so stinkin' funny. Wow. A woman who can produce A Great and Terrible Beauty, AND this? I'm a fan.