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Lucky for Good by Susan Patron

First, apologies for the long blogging absence. It's been quite a summer.

Second, I am thrilled to return to Cool Kids Read with a review of one of my favorite series. Third in the Hard Pan trilogy (which kicked off by the Newbery-winning Higher Power of Lucky) Lucky for Good is a satisfying and heart-warming wrap up to Lucky's tale.

Reading a much-appreciated review copy, I was immediately re-immersed in the desert world of Hard Pan, visiting with Lucky and her circle of friends Miles, Lincoln and Paloma.

But this is Hard Pan, so you know something's going to happen and something arrives in the form of a health inspector. Lucky's adopted mom Brigitte is in violation -- not because her cafe isn't clean but because the kitchen exists inside their trailer home. Will her cafe be closed down? Has Miles' mom returned from jail? Will the new kid at school continue to bully Lucky? Who is Sticks? Is there really a hell? And did her father ever love her? Lucky wants to know, but just maybe, some questions don't have answers.

Susan Patron is adept at writing sweet without an ounce of sap. Her youngsters feel real but simultaneously brilliant. The pages fly by to the point you almost forget you are reading (always a good sign). As Lucky discovers more about her family tree (and who should really be on it), it's practically impossible not to wish your name was on a branch as well.

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